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On the modeling side of things, I am currently signed by the Elliott Brown Modeling agency and RMA Modeling agency, and have experience in general commercial modeling including the recent Ferrero Rocher campaign, library stock, fashion and catwalk.


Please check out my CV, and if you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

Hello!  I'm Adam, and thanks for coming to look at my site. Hopefully you'll enjoy seeing a little bit of what I do, and maybe even learn some nifty tips along the way!


I suppose I should probably tell you a little bit about myself. I'd describe myself as friendly, bubbly, enthusiastic, occasionally crazy, confident, and I'd like to think that I get along with just about anyone. From an early age, I have always taken an interest in being involved with just about everything and everyone I possibly could. I enjoy nothing more than working and talking with all different kinds of people, and thus I have developed a passion for presenting.

My experience in "the limelight" started at Stagecoach - a popular weekend theatre arts school. Here I was lucky enough to receive the lead roles in productions such as Joseph, Bugsy Malone, Grease etc. This helped boost my confidence, and increase my ability in general audience communication. I also developed my singing ability. As for the dancing - I think I was on the floor more often than not!

Whilst at Stagecoach, I went on to pursue a relatively strong educational background. I received an A* in all 11 of my GCSEs, a 96% average for my A levels, and went on to study mathematics at Oxford University. I tutored at the International Gateway for Gifted Youth, and was headhunted by Moloney Search and Freshminds.

You could say I was pretty well set for your standard 9 to 5 office job. Unfortunately this just didn't tickle my fancy. I wanted a job that allowed me to inspire people, entertain them, and inform them. A job where I could use my creativty and enthusiasm to its full every day. The buzz I experienced when speaking to an audience, coupled with being a born chatterbox, meant that I knew presenting was the dream. I started with a small internet show that proved to be pretty popular, and then carried on to present a huge variety of things. I'm currently working on a new TV show called 'The Ministry of Manners' that is still in the early stages, but I'll be off to LA soon to meet with some producers and get things going!

Not wanting my life to be soley about text books, I took great joy in taking on projects where I could make a difference whilst developing my communication skills. At 16, I was MD of a Young Enterprise company of 15 people. I was then Vice-President and later Chairman of the Student Union at my college in Oxford. I project managed Oxford's largest music concert (Wadstock), redesigned the Junior Common Room, completed a part-time business course at Said Business School, and took a keen interest in rowing.