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By Admin, Feb 4 2015 11:00AM

Today, and article about the dangers of "library stock" modeling was unveiled in The Telegraph. This is where a model is paid a day rate by the photographer, who then sells on the photos to larger brands for generic purposes. Adam was one of the models invited to talk about his take on it all.

Extract from The Telegraph - 04/02/15

Adam Gibbs, an aspiring TV presenter from London, has been modelling for stock images since he was an undergraduate. But while he has enjoyed the 20 shoots he has been involved in over that time, he is now winding up his work in this area.

“Now that I’m doing more presenting work I have got to be careful, because I don’t know how it will affect my image,” the 24-year-old tells me. “It’s the same as doing extra work for TV shows – it can discredit you as an actor.”

Gibbs was thrilled to see himself featured in an advertisement for PayPal at the top of eBay, despite a twinge of regret that he would not see even a portion of the fee the photo agency would have been paid for the use of the image. He was less pleased to see an online list of “20 people who are more of a jerk than you,” for which the top picture was an image of him smiling and giving a thumbs-up.

“There are some that are really embarrassing, but you know what you’re getting yourself in for," he says. "Someone will always find it and post it to my Facebook wall! The only time it really bothers me is when there’s an article about a specific person, and they use a picture of me – like a story once about a DJ who had been arrested. I was told later that it was for a parody site, but I didn’t think it was overly funny.”

Still, he has few complaints about the work itself – having been paid hundreds of pounds to laugh over a meal with strangers, cuddle up on the sofa with his “girlfriend” for a few hours, or look concerned on the edge of a bed.

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