Baring (almost) everything for Fashion Week!

By Admin, Mar 12 2015 05:00PM

This week saw extravagent dresses, electric tops and rubber lingerie gracing the catwalks of Oxford. Adam wore this particuarly daring number, only to find there was one thing he hadn't noticed.

Oxford Fashion Week has become a huge success over the years. Directed by Carl Anglim, it has become a fantastic stage on which to present the work of up and coming designers - and some you may have heard of. This year was no exception, with a huge variety of unique pieces including the rubber lingerie collection by William Wilde, as seen above. The only thing Adam said he hadn't noticed is that a cheeky last minute tan hadn't paid off, leaving him with a bright red burnt back (sadly unable to be seen in the above photo). We think that may well may what the girls are smiling at though!

Below are some picutres from this OFW and previous fashion weeks.

Adam also modelled the High Street collection by Jaegar as seen here.

Always a favourite of OFW is Clements and Church, pairing bright colours with tailored suits.

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